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Services Offered and Fee Schedule


Founded in 2006 by retired United States Department of Agriculture employee Henry Barber, Barber Consulting, LLC was established as a way to continue to offer Mr. Barber's services to tribes, reservations, and government agencies nationwide.  As President, Mr. Barber takes an active role in maintaining only the highest standard of excellence, a tradition continued from the last 30 years of employment with the USDA, and the recognition received throughout his career. 

Located in scenic Cedar Hill, Texas, about 25 miles southwest of downtown Dallas, Barber Consulting, LLC is within close range of both Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field, as well as Executive Airport and Arlington Municipal Airport. Recently, Barber Consulting, LLC has provided consulting services to state agencies, including the Arkansas and New Mexico Departments of Health, and to Native American tribes, including the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Osage, Chickasaw Nation, and Zuni Pueblo. 

Let Barber Consulting, LLC put its combined experience to work for you.  Whether you need grant writing services, reporting, technical assistance, training, planning, or management consulting, Barber Consulting, LLC is ready to help your organization achieve its maximum potential for success.

For more information, please click one of the links on the menu bar to your left. A list of available consulting services and an introductory fee schedule are below. If you need consulting on a topic not covered below, please use the Contact BC, LLC link to the left to contact us and let us know what you need. 

Services Provided

Henry Barber, President and Lead Senior Consultant

  • Technical assistance on WIC and FMNP/SFMNP grants and financial reports

  • Technical assistance on allowable costs, including OMB Circular A-87, 7 CFR 3016 (the Common Rule), and various WIC Program instructions and policies

  • Technical assistance on WIC Program caseload management rules and strategies.

  • Technical assistance on Advance Planning Documents for MIS development.

  • Technical assistance on one-to-one reconciliation of food instruments.

  • Grant writing, especially for WIC Program infrastructure grants.

Fee Structure

  • On-site visits: USD $125.00 per hour, with a minimum of 20 hours.  Fee includes travel expenses. There are no additional fees or charges for time spent in travel to and from the job.

  • At-home consulting: USD $50.00 per hour.  No charge for contacts or work lasting less than 15 minutes.


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